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Capital Campaign

New St. George Catholic Church & St. George PreK-4 Building


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the total project funding and expected project cost of the new St. George Church and PreK-4 Classroom Building?

2. How are the expected project costs allocated?

New Church:

M.J. Womack Contract                                               $15,195,076.00

Contingency 3%                                                       $     454,008.00

Soft Costs, Fixtures, Furniture & Equipment                $  2,094,449.00

Construction Testing                                                 $       50,000.00

TOTAL CHURCH                                                        $17,793,533.03


PHASE II – PreK-4 Building:

PreK-4 Revised Cost                                                  $ 2,400,000.00

Site Development                                                     $     180,000.00

SUBTOTAL                                                                $ 2,580,000.00

Contingency 5%                                                       $     129,000.00

Soft Costs, Fixtures, Furniture & Equipment                $     292,000.00

TOTAL ECC                                                               $ 3,001,000.00

TOTAL ALL PROJECTS:                                           $20,794,533.03

3. The cost of the new church seems higher than original estimates.  What happened?

During the Capital Campaign, we were using estimates provided to us by our architect after consultation with a number of contractors.   The original estimates were made nearly 1 year prior to going out to bid on the project.  A good faith effort was made to give accurate estimates based on recent labor and material costs at the time. 

A “perfect storm” was brewing as south Louisiana saw a huge boom in new construction projects during the first year of our Capital Campaign.  This strong economic activity served St. George well in fundraising as it enabled many of our parishioners who are immersed in the industrial trades to make extraordinary gifts to our campaign.  However, the construction boom was hitting its peak when St. George put the church out to bid in late 2014.  To our surprise, the law of supply and demand hit us hard.  Trades that were saturated with work were now demanding much higher prices.  Some materials costs also skyrocketed.  The original bid was alarmingly over budget mainly due to escalated prices in steel, mechanical equipment, electrical, and labor.  

Our advisory committees worked tirelessly with the low bidder, Milton Womack, Inc., our architect and engineers to devise ways to save money while maintaining the integrity of the extraordinarily beautiful church design.  This process called “value engineering” enabled us to trim nearly $2 million from the project.  When all was said and done, our advisors felt that we had negotiated tremendous value and were at a very fair price.  Coupled with the fact that our fundraising efforts were going extremely well, Fr. Mike accepted the recommendation of all of our advisory committees and a contract was signed with Milton Womack for $15.1 million. 

4. How are we doing financially?

Our Building Upon our Roots Capital Campaign has wielded extraordinary results.  The parishioners of St. George responded generously with $15.6 million in pledges.  As of the end of February 2016, $10.4 million had been collected.  A large majority of the remaining pledged amount is due to be received in 2016. 

Construction on the church is progressing at a steady pace.  So far, all has gone according to plan with minimal change orders or unexpected expenses.

At this point, we anticipate a shortfall of $1.7 million to complete the church.  An additional $1.5 million must be on hand prior to the start of the new PreK-4 Classroom building. 

5. What is the plan to raise the additional funds needed?

The Building Upon Our Roots Capital Campaign Committee in conjunction with the Executive and Finance Committees has developed a multi-faceted plan to obtain the gap in funds between the campaign goal and the total for all projects. This plan includes inviting those whom have not yet participated in the campaign to make a pledge, inviting those whom have already completed their pledge to continue for an additional amount of time, and to incorporate St. George School as a funding source. In addition, St. George Church plans to borrow the remaining funds from the Diocese of Baton Rouge.

6. How can I help?

Your continued support of the Building Upon Our Roots Capital Campaign is of vital importance to ensuring the successful completion of our new St. George Church and PreK-4 Building. Please also consider additional gifts of securities, employer matching funds, and tax deductible business contributions. Let’s leave no stone unturned as we continue in doing God’s work.


St. George is so appreciative of the many pledges we have received for our Building Upon Our Roots Capital Campaign. Click here to make an online pledge.

We offer the availablility of electronic giving for offertory contributions as well as campaign contributions. Click here for the Automatic Draft Bank Form.

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Online Giving

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